554 Craghead Street

Danville River District

Our Neighbours

554 is blessed with a plethora of business and community assets, all within two short blocks of the property. The neighboring assets include:

*Broadband Capacity: By providing better connectivity through broadband services over an advanced fiber optic network, the "nDanville" project improves many aspects of day-to-day life in several significant ways. Essentially, we are eliminating a digital divide and putting residents and workers of Danville on a level playing field in the increasingly fast-paced world of digital communications. The nDanville network features Active Ethernet symmetrical connections for business clients at 100 MBPS to 10 GBPS.

*Cray XMT2 Super Computer: The Noblis Center for Applied High Performance Computing offers a level of computing power that is rarely found outside of federal laboratories and academic settings. (approximately 1 block from our building)

* New Fire Station: Only one block from 554, the City of Danville has begun construction on a new state-of-the-art downtown fire station.

* Danville Community Market: The Farmer's Market. across the street from 554, is open Saturday's and Wednesday's, spring through fall.

* River Access: The City's seven mile Riverwalk begins across the street from 554.

* Carrington Pavilion: Danville's Premier entertainment venue for outdoor concerts is within sight of 554.

* Danville Science Center and the new Digital Dome Theater: The new theater is under construction

* Main Street: Just a few blocks away is the historic Danvillle Main Street, which is currently under reconstruction to handle increased foot traffic with greater curb appeal.

* The Crossing at the Dan: This is the entrance to many of the assets listed. Here you can see the train station, and just behind it is the Carrington Pavilion. As you circle the drive you make way to the large Community Market which hosts a large variety of events in addition to the Farmer's Market. Between the Pavilion and Market is the entrance to the River Walk Trail.